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Welcome to Flugbuech! This is a free, open source and ad-free platform for keeping track of your free flights (paragliding or hang gliding).

The software is mostly aimed at pilots that track their flights using a flight computer which generates IGC files, but it can also be used without an IGC file for every flight. My goal is to extract as much flight data from the IGC file as possible (e.g. launch site, landing site, distance, etc), so that you don't need to enter that data manually. The IGC files are stored together with the flight data.

You can find the list of features and the current project status on the project GitHub page.


Is it free?

Yes, and there are no ads and no user tracking! Usually free things have a catch, but in this case I'm developing the flight log for my own needs, and others may use it too.

Can I sign up?

Sure thing! Feel free to create an account.

Keep in mind that this is still beta software and that there may be bugs. If you notice any problems or have ideas for new features, please let me know at flugbuech@bargen.dev.

Where can I find the source code or report bugs?

On GitHub.

What does «Flugbuech» mean?

It's Swiss German for «Flight Log». Sorry for not being more creative.



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